OakWood Design Centre and Headquarters nears completion


– The Ottawa Construction News

OakWood’s new Design Centre and showroom and corporate headquarters at 865 Taylor Creek Dr. is nearing completion.

Staff are already working in the 22,700 sq. ft. building, one of only a small number of LEED Platinum commercial projects in Canada. Tradespeople are completing the extensive showroom, which features a diversity of options including some truly high-end choices for clients.

OakWood CEO John Liptak says the company anticipates a number of “grand openings” featuring Mike Holmes and other industry relevant dignitaries in the spring and summer reflecting different market constituencies.

The largest renovation contractor in Ottawa has recently announced an extension of its services to include two new discrete services – OakWood RenoTeam and HandyManPRO.

The full design and build service “includes everything required for a high quality, A to Z, turnkey renovation, says chief operating officer Patricia Liptak-Satov. “It automatically includes concept design with a certified designer, photo realistic 3D renderings of the planned projects, all permits and plans, a detailed project roadmap, and very attentive project management through the construction phase,” she says.

RenoTeam, meanwhile, is an a la carte service which allows clients the flexibility to choose the service level they desire, and to purchase materials from any supplier. “They may opt to do some of the tear down and removal themselves or some of the painting if that is part of the project,” Liptak said. The 3D rendering might not be required for all projects. “Most customers don’t need a full 3D concept design if they are simply doing an update such as a small home renovation, changing out a bathroom or finishing a basement.”

The OakWood RenoTeam option, therefore, supports smaller projects while clients are still choosing OakWood’s flagship design- build service for more complex projects, or if they simply want everything taken care of professionally.

As well, HandyManPro provides service for small repairs and fix-it type projects, including carpentry, drywall services, painting and staining, and simple improvements like swapping out tile, faucets or a tub.

OakWood’s systems, service, and reputation have attracted the attention of television personality Mike Holmes, who sought out the company as a partner for a number of projects in Ottawa. “We do not pay for Mike Holmes endorsement,” Liptak said. “Instead, he approached Oak- Wood after checking out most of the other renovators in Ottawa.”

OakWood and Holmes are, in fact, expanding the scope of their partnership. “We’ve already been partnered together for three years and we couldn’t be happier. It’s great to see a company so innovative and staying focused on keeping their clients happy in this tough industry,” says Mike Holmes.

The company traces its roots to a family business founded 60 years ago and now four generations strong. Liptak combined his construction experience and background with an insatiable interest in technology and computers – ultimately building a successful international software business including a proprietary design-tocompletion system that today forms the backbone of OakWood’s processes.

“It’s all about the attention to detail; everything is documented from the start,” he said. Homeowners can select their materials, finishes and special project details and visualize the project from concept to completion. The proprietary software in fact reflects the secret sauce behind the business – with systems and checks and balances, nothing falls through the cracks. A built-in client portal, follow up and verification system ensures client satisfaction in an otherwise chaotic industry.

The LEED platinum headquarters building uses virtually no paper and everyone works in a secure environment with lots of fresh air and light and even noise cancelling software for privacy. This all reflects the company’s commitment to the future of green and self-sustaining communities.

There’s attention to detail everywhere. “Little things can make a big difference,” Liptak says. “We want our clients to have a level of reassurance that they are getting exactly what they desire with real value for the money they spend.”

The new showroom will allow clients to “see more than 7,200 finishes, try out finish fixtures like sink faucets to cabinet accessories, you can even flush the toilets.” As well, OakWood will display a virtual reality hologram environment where clients can virtually “walk through” their proposed projects – so they can be confident they really like what they will have built.

“A world-class showroom with nothing like it in Canada which will be a destination for anyone considering a home renovation, addition, new kitchen, bathroom or a complete new custom home,” says Liptak. Architects and designers are already lining up to partner with OakWood to take advantage of the one stop shop benefits of the unique showroom.

Patricia Liptak-Satov hints that there is more in store, saying: “Wait until you see what is coming next…” Indeed, OakWood has upped the ante considerably and now Ottawa has a world class design-build facility.


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