Ottawa reports $265 million in July building permits

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The City of Ottawa has reported 970 building and demolition permits in July, with a value of $265,700,034.

This compares to $297,021,347 for 851 permits in July 2014. The explanation for the decline, in part, last year’s issuance of a $116 million building permit for the Bank of Canada head office renewal project, but it could also indicate a general decline in overall construction volume in the city.

The largest project approved project at $23,961,250 was for Amory Contracting Ltd. to build a new Sandman Hotel at 250 West Hunt Club Rd. (foundation only).

Meanwhile, Broccolini Construction received two building permits for projects at 383 and 385 Terry Fox Dr.. The first is for $21,801,438 (superstructure only) for a four storey office building, and the second is for $14,370,513 for the foundation and superstructure of a three-storey office building.

City documents indicate this construction relocates to a project involving the relocation of Ciena from the Nortel Campus, with approximately 1,500 jobs.

You can view all the City of Ottawa building permit data at


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