Ontario helping women in Kingston build job skills


Ottawa Construction News staff writer

The Ontario government is taking steps to help women expand job skills through the Investing in Women’s Futures program. Ten additional locations will be added across the province including Resolve Counselling Services Canada in Kingston, where women experiencing social and economic barriers will now have access to the support and skills they need.. The expansion is part of a $6.9 million investment spread over three years to enhance the program’s reach and impact.

The Investing in Women’s Futures program aims to bridge the gender gap and assist women in overcoming challenges by providing services and employment support. This includes helping them build essential skills, boosting well-being, and ultimately helping them secure meaningful employment. With the expansion, there will be 33 locations, allowing more women across Ontario to benefit from its initiatives.

In Kingston, Resolve Counselling Services Canada will deliver the Investing in Women’s Futures program through a $325,000 investment over three years. The organization will offer emotional and therapeutic counseling services tailored to women who are survivors of gender-based violence. Workshops on financial wellness and employment readiness will also be provided, alongside employment programs and opportunities in rural and remote areas. These services will be delivered through a support group model that aims to reduce social isolation and foster connections among participants.

Charmaine Williams, associate minister of women’s social and economic opportunity, says the program empowers survivors of gender-based violence in Kingston to transition to employment and attain financial independence.

This latest $6.9 million investment is in addition to $18 million funding from 2022 to 2025 and recognizes additional challenges women and gender-diverse individuals have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as increased economic insecurity, heavier caregiving responsibilities, and a rise in domestic violence incidents.


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