Governmentremoves diagrams, posted online, of secret spying site on Leitrim Road

CFS Leitrim / Image: Wikimedia Commons

The government removed the detailed diagrams of the top-secret military spy operations centreon Leitrim Road in south Ottawa that had been posted online, reports The Ottawa Citizen.

The diagramsappeared online on Feb. 5 and were removed by the government on Feb. 7, according to the news report.

A dozen of the drawings of the command center at Canadian Forces Station Leitrim in Ottawa were posted as part of a construction tender by Public Works and Government Services Canada.

The Canadian Forces Station Leitrim, the country’s oldest signals intelligence listening post targeting foreign electronic communications, supports the cryptography operations of Communications Security Establishment Canada, the coding, decoding and analytics agency that provides the federal government with foreign intelligence and computer network security.

“Quite frankly I was startled to see the diagrams there, and the degree to which the detail was there,” said Tom Quiggin, who worked in military operations centres for 20 years and specializes in intelligence work, CBC News reports.

“If you layer the information that’s there, which is to say, look at the actual diagram of the ops centre itself — and it shows the number of chairs, the number of people, the positions they work at, et cetera — and then layer that over the wiring diagram, the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and everything else, you can get a pretty good idea of what all is in there, how many people work there and how the workflow and procedures would go through.”

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