Logs End Inc.: Customized Ottawa Valley wood reclaimed for Riverpark Green


STAFF WRITER – The Ottawa Construction News

Founded in 1997, Logs End Inc. grew from an interest in and appreciation for Ottawa Valley’s historic timber trade. The company reclaims lost old growth logs from the Ottawa River and crafts the wood into unique flooring. This flooring is featured in RND Construction’s Riverpark Green project.

Rob Black, Logs End vice president sales and marketing, says the inspiration for the unique product came from an early realization that the logs pulled from the river were still in perfect condition. “It was even more dense and with tighter growth rings than any new lumber being cut today.”

With the idea in mind on focusing on recycled and reclaimed material, the company built its flooring plant and since then has focused on producing its unique custom wood flooring and trim.

He says building green is relatively easy and “quite honestly, more often than not, the products you’re getting are not only of a higher quality but they look nicer.”

The floors that were put into the Riverpark Green project, for instance, were cost effective but also tailored for longer lengths and customized for particular grain patterns. This, he says, is where some creativity can come in when dealing with clients. “Preparing a floor to specification really allows our clients to put their stamp on the final product and really accomplish their design goals.”

Black says Logs End has designed its showroom as a home, allowing the company to showcase the many possible options in a non-traditional way. The showroom also provides the opportunity to walk on and really feel the reclaimed wood’s difference.

Black says working with RND on the Riverpark Green project was a natural fit for Logs End. “RND is certainly a leader in this industry of green building and those are the partnerships we’re looking for.”

For more information, visit http://www.logsend.com.


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