Design HVAC Experts Inc. aligns homeowner comfort and energy efficiency


STAFF WRITER – The Ottawa Construction News

Design HVAC Experts Inc. provided its expertise in aligning homeowner comfort and energy efficiency to RND Construction’s Riverpark Green project.

Senior designer Matthew Pedersen says the company provided heat loss and heat gain calculations for “optimum equipment sizing to maximize energy efficiency by minimizing utility consumption.”

The heat loss and gain calculations take into account thermal heat transfer, infiltration of outside air and ventilation to ensure the exhausting or exchange of indoor air and better air quality.

The company also provided duct layout and design, intended to ensure even distribution of heating and cooling to guarantee comfort in every room, in every season, he says.

Other services included ventilation specification layout and design. “This home has a ducted-exhaust air exchanger with no bath fans for efficient and continuous bathroom and kitchen ventilation,” Pedersen said.


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