Bidding results: National War Memorial project


Ottawa Construction News staff writer

PWGSC provided OCA president John DeVries with the complete bidders’ list and tender results for the National War Memorial project.  He shared the information in an email to Ottawa Construction News.

PWGSC first evaluated the bids on their qualifications, and the bidders needed to score 60 per cent on the questionnaire.  Officials then returned the bids to non-qualifying contractors, below:

  • Amor Construction
  • Dalcon Enterprises
  • Dolyn Developments
  • ED Brunet et Associés
  • Taplen Commercial Construction
  • TOFCON Construction Inc.

PWGSC then opened the remaining six envelopes, discovering:

  • Prestige Design & Construction – $2,975,400.00
  • Graebeck Construction Ltd. – $3,028,000.00
  • Meyknecht-Lischer Contractors Ltd. – $3,125,100.00
  • R. W. Tomlinson Limited – two bid amounts submitted – ($3,149,070.00 & $3,183,589.00)
  • Frecon General Contractors – $3,197,000.00
  • Louis W. Bray Construction Ltd. – $3,236,809.00

A PWGSC spokesperson said when the financial envelopes were opened, “R.W. Tomlinson Limited was deemed non-compliant as its financial envelope contained two Bid and Acceptance forms offering two different prices.”
Prestige Design and Construction, then, had the lowest price among the five qualified bids, and was awarded the job, PWGSC says.

DeVries also said PWGSC provided him a list of four previous jobs where it had used the two-envelope closing “and there apparently was not any negative feedback.

“I recognize the first and third jobs (below), and don’t recall anything being said at the time,” DeVries said.

The other two-envelope projects were:

  • Former Bank of Montreal rehabilitation project: Award date Dec 2011
  • Vehicle barriers project: Award date February 2012
  • West slope stabilization and perimeter wall: Award date July 2013
  • Stained glass preservation, Centre Block: Award date October 2013


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