Ottawa approves zoning for two rural housing developments



Ontario Construction News staff writer

The City of Ottawa’s agriculture and rural affairs committee has approved zoning amendments for two new residential developments west of the Village of Richmond and along Carp Road, north of Huntley.

Approved zoning for a project near Richmond would allow the revision of an existing plan for a subdivision. A former hydro corridor is being acquired from the province and will be incorporated into the development and revised zoning would allow for 107 more homes than the 750 originally planned, although there would be no residential development in the hydro corridor itself. Lands would remain in public ownership, as roads, pathways and parks.

Also, the proposed development northwest of Carp and Cavanmore roads would include 78 residential lots and four commercial blocks facing Carp Road. The amendment would also protect a stretch of land along the Huntley Creek corridor and part of a woodlot on the west side of the property, along William Mooney Drive.

Committee members also endorsed amending a background study related to a watermain project for the Village of Manotick with a cost estimate for phase two increased significantly in due to rising construction costs.

The background study needs to be amended to reflect that increase, ensuring the City can fully recover growth-related costs and properly compensate the proponent that is undertaking the construction work.

Recommendations from today’s Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee meeting will rise to Council on Wednesday, October 5.

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