Third Crossing bridge girders arrive, marking new milestone for the project


The first of 95 150-foot-long girders for the historic Third Crossing project arrived in Kingston this week.

Once installed, these girders will support the bridge deck and span pier-to-pier.

“We’re excited for this next phase of construction where residents will now start to see more work happening above the water,” says Mark Van Buren, deputy commissioner, major projects office.

“The team has prepared extensively for the safe arrival and installation of these impressive pieces of infrastructure; however, this is still a first for the city. We’re asking the public for their patience as we help them arrive safely into the community with minimal traffic disruption.”

kingston bridge 2

At 150 feet in length, these girders supplied by DECAST Ltd., are some of the largest ever made for a bridge in Ontario.

Girders will continue to come through Kingston over the next few months. Placement will begin near the west shore and continue east towards the steel main span throughout 2021. Due to the size and weight of each girder there is a comprehensive transportation plan laid out for each one that is guided by a permit from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

For more information about the arrival of the girders visit the Third Crossing website.

Since 2019, most bridge construction has focused on in-water or below-water construction. Work on site over the next few months will include:

Piers and pier caps – Currently, 19 of 21 pier groups that are part of the bridge have been completed. This work involves moving large diameter steel caissons down to bedrock, drilling rock sockets into bedrock, excavating of soils within the steel casing, installing of rebar cages, and placing concrete to finish the foundation construction.

Currently, six pier caps have been completed with an additional two pier caps underway with formwork and steel reinforcing being installed. Pier cap work will continue throughout the winter and will be completed this spring.

Concrete girders – These massive girders, 150 feet in length, will start to arrive in early February and will then be placed on top of the pier caps. Concrete girder placement will begin near the west shore and continue east towards the steel main span throughout 2021. This work will really start to show how this new transportation link will connect the east and west sides of the city.

Main span – Steel for the main span will arrive early this Spring. The steel navigation span and the two back spans will be erected in sections using cranes. More information and photos will be shared when this work begins and throughout the placement of the main span.


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