Work continues on Lansdowne Park development


Progress continues at Lansdowne as work on the south stands’ veil continues and attention turns to the project’s finishing details.

Pomerleau’s project director Philippe Goulet said about half the primary members have been erected for the wooden veil and that lower-level connections are being completed.

Goulet said the large upper curved portions will be assembled and braced on the ground and lifted into place. This follows a similar model used for the north stands roof that was assembled on the ground and then lifted into position.

Finishing work below the south stands has started including lighting for the office and team areas.


The sports field, intended to meet FIFA ratings, requires installation by an accredited company. LML from Montreal, which recently installed another field in the city, has been assigned this subcontract.


Most crews will likely be on the site for three-day weeks during the Christmas holiday season, depending on scheduling requirements.

This article is originally appeared in Ottawa Construction News December Issue.


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