Students experience skilled trades first-hand at ACCE event


Ottawa Construction News staff writer

Skills/Competences Canada (SCC) launched its tenth National Skilled Trades and Technology Week in early November with a hands-on launch event at Algonquin College’s Centre for Construction Excellence (ACCE).

Some 300 students from Ottawa-area schools sampled work in the skilled trades.

“It is essential for Canadians to understand the vital role of skilled trades and technology in our society and its importance for our economy,” said SCC CEO Shaun Thorson. “Skilled trades and technology careers include electricians, plumbers, chefs, IT professionals, graphic designers, hairdressers, entrepreneurs of every stripe and so much more.”

Students experience skilled trades first-hand at ACCE event-3

The program highlighted essential skills transcending all the trades, specifically numeracy competencies.  “Foundational courses, including math, are absolutely critical to guarantee both individual success and Canada’s position at the forefront of global competitiveness,” a SCC news release said.

Students experience skilled trades first-hand at ACCE event-2

“There is a paradox of too many Canadians without jobs and too many jobs without workers, said Canadian jobs minister Jason Kenney.  “To address this, it is critical that we match the skills of Canadians with the needs of employers.

“A career in the trades or technology not only offers rewarding work opportunities for individuals, it also contributes to Canada’s competitive advantage in the global economy,” he said.


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