Stittsville councillor opposes planned Minto subdivision


Stittsville councillor Shad Qadri has made it clear he isn’t happy with a proposed Minto subdivision on Hazledean Rd. and has urged residents to speak up at a planning committee meeting on Feb. 23.

The proposal for Potter’s Key project has won the approval of the city’s planning staff, but Qadri says the subdivision remains undesirable.

“Traffic concerns are one of the largest issues that many communities face in the City of Ottawa and this development will increase pressures on the city’s traffic and police department,” Qadri wrote in a report about the subdivision.

“As the community has continued to raise concerns with this development, I will not be in support of the development when it comes forward to planning committee and council,” Qadri wrote. “That said, it is also very important that my committee/council colleagues hear from the residents.”


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