Ottawa City Council approves new development charges rates


The Ottawa City Council approved new rates for development charges to fund growth in the city over the next 10 to 17 years.

Development charges pay for the growth-related portion of capital costs for new roads, transit, water, sewers, drainage, emergency services, parks development, major indoor recreation facilities, libraries and growth related studies.

The charges are paid by the developer per residential unit and by square footage for commercial and industrial development.

According to the city, ability to successfully move ahead with the updated development charges by-law will enable the city to advance long term transportation plans, including the city’s ambitious plan to extend rail east, west and south as part of Stage 2 transit expansion.

Also, under the updated development charges by-law, developers will build local and community parks, similar to how they build other components of public infrastructure such as sewers and sidewalks. The city will ensure that these parks are built to city standards and will continue to build the larger district parks.


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