2018! Here we go!


What a great way to start 2018…… with a new challenge.

As of January 1st, I have joined the team of Ottawa Construction News as the new associate publisher and advertising sales person. My experience as a partner and business owner in a 300-plus employee manufacturing environment provides some unique insights into what businesses contend with in today’s challenging climate. Over the past eight years, I have been involved with the construction industry in Ottawa and have had a glimpse into your world.

My first job is to get to better understand the industry and what is happening. Experience has taught me to seek those who can educate and inform. My role will be defined by who is willing to share.

So…..let’s…..Connect. Listen. Learn.

CONNECT: We need to “join together” to properly communicate our clearly defined objectives.

LISTEN: Talk. We will listen. Opportunities arise as understanding is achieved.

LEARN: To gain knowledge by experience, instruction and study. You have much to share.

Sounds like one of those business tips from some overrated motivational guru! The reality is that by getting to know each other, good things will happen.

As 2018 unfolds and as relationships are established, we can connect, we can listen and we can learn!

Here’s to 2018 and to new opportunities…..make the time…connect.

Tell us about what is happening with you, your employees, your company, and the industry in this great city of Ottawa and the surrounding area.

Check your email for my introductory note as I reach out to meet with you. I look forward to it!

Paul Scissons can be reached by email at pscissons@cnrgp.com, or you can phone him at (613) 699-2057 ext. 225.


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