The RIDE revisited with OCA’s initiative

One day cycling fundraiser for patient care and research at The Ottawa Hospital 2018

Ottawa Construction Association (OCA) president John DeVries has decided to launch a commendable commemorative event this September, remembering The RIDE (originally known as Ride the Rideau), a 100-plus km experience heavily supported by Ottawa’s construction industry, for cancer and other research at The Ottawa Hospital.

The annual cycling journey, which started in 2009, wrapped up a decade later, after raising more than $14 million for the hospital.

Much has changed in the time since I first participated in the second edition of The RIDE in 2010 on a 30 year old bicycle, barely making it to the end of the journey. I gradually caught the cycling bug and now routinely ride 30 to 50 km a day outdoors in the summer, and on an indoor bicycle trainer during the winter. (I’m helped somewhat by a well-built carbon frame bicycle and proper cycling gear.)

Although thankfully cancer hasn’t been a major issue in my immediate family, the cycling has undoubtedly been an exceptionally healthy experience. The threat of pre-diabetes has receded and the doctors say my cardiovascular health is nearly perfect.

Our relationship with the OCA has evolved since the launch of Ottawa Construction News’ flagship sister publication, the daily Ontario Construction News a little more than two years ago. In some respects, we are now direct competitors so, accordingly, DeVries allowed us to resign our OCA membership in late 2019.

But I think community service and healthy exercise transcend business competition, and so I’m happy to lend some support for this event with publicity and (if it won’t cause problems for DeVries or the OCA), perhaps I can join the cycling tour as a guest.

See the story here. There you can find links to support the campaign and, if you wish, register to join the Sept. 12 tour.


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