Fiberline Composites Canada Inc. — ComBAR reduces corrosion


    – The Ottawa Construction News Special Feature

    Fiberline Composites traces its history back to 1979 and Denmark. Since that time, the company has grown to be a world leader in the areas of wind turbine components and window/façade/structural profiles. In Canada, ComBAR GFRP (glass fiber reinforced polymer) is used primarily in corrosive environments in concrete reinforcement.

    Fiberline’s reinforcing technology sales manager, Angelo Koichopolos and product manager, Dritan Topuzi were guests at AGF-Raymond’s customer appreciation event, and helped explain the many benefits and advantages of this new and yet not so new product.

    GFRP reinforcement has been produced for more than 20 years. Over that time, it has had a proven track record of success, particularly in the Canadian marketplace. That being said, it is relatively new compared with steel and so there is still education and information to be shared.

    Where steel serves a specific purpose, its corrosive nature means it cannot be a forever solution. And, while stainless steel can provide a longer lasting option because it doesn’t corrode, its cost becomes an issue. Fiberline’s solution rests somewhere in the middle as a more cost-effective, corrosion resistant alternative.

    As a supplier to AGF-Raymond, Koichopolos and Topuzi say this session was an important opportunity to connect directly with AGF-Raymond’s clients. It provided them with product knowledge and a better understanding about the products that are being specified more frequently and in cases where they weren’t, perhaps should be. AGF-Raymond has many clients with design-build projects who could benefit from utilizing GFRP in their tenders; where it can be applied, and how it can save a project, both short and long term.

    The two say it is important for Fiberline to meet with owners, engineers, and others involved with project evolution so everyone better understands their options.

    For more information about ComBAR and Fiberline Composite Canada, visit


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