$60.4 million allocated for 18 Ottawa wastewater projects

    pickard enviornmental centre
    Robert O. Pickard Environmental Centre (Modern Niagara image)

    The provincial and federal governments are contributing $45.3 million for 18 wastewater projects in Ottawa, with an overall value of $60.4 million.

    The federal government will provide 50 per cent of funding ($30.2 million), while the province is offering a quarter ($15.1 million). The city is expected to cover the remaining costs.

    National Capital Heavy Construction Association: Infrastructure Services Design and Construction Municipal Projects Forecasted Tenders May to Sept. 2017 (Data: May 8,2017)

    “This federal and provincial funding is critical to help Ottawa move forward on our long-term plans to protect and sustain the health of our local water systems,” said mayor Jim Watson, who made the announcement inside city hall on Tuesday with local MPPs and MPs.

    “The funding will also advance a number of priority needs to modernize our existing water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure,” he said.

    The projects include a new stormwater management and snow disposal facility on West Brook Dr., upgrades to the Robert O. Pickard Environment Centre thickening and dewatering building, and a project to construct sanitary sewers and watermains in the Vanier area. There will be $5.5 million spent for culvert renewal.



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