By Tim Lawlor

Associate publisher, Ottawa Construction News

TINY is the new BIG– when it comes to goals.

Are your goals small enough to make a big enough difference?

Our friend Eileen Chadnick, principal at Big Cheese Coaching has once again hit it right on the head, and I would like to share a few excerpts from her recent blog post. You can read the entire article at≥.

Think about your own goals?  Do you have enough tiny goals in the mix? Are you focusing only on the big ones? Getting stuck? Bogged down by the ‘bigness’ of them? Can you break your big goal down into multiple smaller goals?

It’s time for TINY to step it up and take the spotlight.

Here are five reasons tiny goals can make a big ompact:

  1. Tiny goals are easier to start with. Setting tiny goals can help bust or mitigate the procrastination factor. Tackling a large project is easier to start if you focus on one small part of it.
  2. Tiny goals can be part of a larger goal. We’ve all heard of the expression ‘chunk it down’. By chunking down a large goal into smaller goals, the challenge becomes more attainable and it is easier to focus on one part (milestone) at a time.
  3. Tiny goals give you the experience of success and “action momentum”. The adage “success generates success” isn’t just a nice saying, it really is true.
  4. Tiny goals allow you to celebrate, which bolsters positivity. We now know that positivity has been scientifically proven to broaden your mind and increase your potential for success over time. People who practice positivity are more apt to reach and achieve bigger goals.
  5. Tiny goals can help you develop a habit of setting goals, achieving goals and celebrating goals – which can make you happier.  Pursuing goals is fundamental to experiencing a meaningful life.

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