Ottawa applies for millions of dollars in federal, provincial infrastructure funds: Lists planned projects

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Ottawa Construction News staff writer

The City of Ottawa has applied for several million dollars of funding for a diversity of projects, especially relating to active transportation.

In a memo to city council on April 11, Carina Duclos, acting director, Infrastructure Services, outlined some of the projects for which she says city staff have applied for funding by the March 31 deadline.

Duclos wrote that the city had submitted 18 applications for active transportation projects to capture some of the $400 million available over the next five years.

“The final list has been put together based on project eligibility, project readiness and ability to deliver within the funding eligibility window, and ongoing conversations, and feedback from elected officials,” she wrote.

These include seven feasibility studies, for which the program will pay as much as $50,000 for each successful application and cover “100 per cent of eligible costs for planning, design or stakeholder engagement activities.”

As well the city applied for 11 construction project bundles, for which “the funding stream will cover up to 60 per cent of eligible costs for approved capital projects that build new or enhance existing active transportation infrastructure, or which provide ancillary features and facilities that promote active transportation or enhance user safety and security.”

Infrastructure Canada will review applications and advise once decisions have been made. Thecity expects expect that decisions should be announced by this summer.

Anticipated projects include:

Feasibility Studies – $350,000 in funding requests

  • Extension of Doug Thompson pathway – south to Ottawa’s border with Kemptville – Explore with neighbouring municipalities the feasibility of extending the Doug Thompson pathway to the border with Kemptville (Ward 20)
  • Accessible crossing of Hartwell Locks – With other stakeholders explore feasibility of improvements to the existing crossing point at the locks, mitigating current accessibility barriers (Wards 16 and 17)
  • Confederation Heights – AT centric roadway adjustments – A study to explore the options to improve the AT connectivity through Confederation Heights (Ward 16 and 17)
  • Poole Creek Pathway – Feasibility study for a pathway (Ward 6)
  • Uplands Riverside Park – Feasibility study for a MUP (Ward 16)
  • Merivale Crossing at Brookdale – Feasibility study for a crossing treatment of Merivale at Brookdale (Ward 9)
  • Jock River South District Park – Feasibility study for a MUP with AT creek crossings (Ward 3)

Active transportation connections (parks): $2,942,000 project costs with $1,765,200 funding request

  • Rideau View Park – Pathway connection project between Carnelian Crescent and Earl Armstrong Road through Rideau View Park (Ward 22)
  • Cobble Hill Park – Construction of MUP with bridge over existing stormwater channels to connect Cobble Hill Park from Cedarview Road (Ward 3)
  • Beryl Gaffney Park – Construction of pathway including bridge crossing water channels. Mud Creek crossing (Ward 21)
  • Jock River North – Construction of a 3 m. pathway including three bridge crossing over water channels (Ward 3)

Active transportation connectivity to transit: $4,916,000 project cost with $2,949,600 funding request

  • Enhanced connectivity to LRT Stations – LRT 2020 connectivity review identified enhancements to increase pedestrian and cyclist safety immediately adjacent to new LRT stations. Includes multiple locations along alignment. Strong support by councillor and community. Includes project design and implementation. (Wards 1,2,7,8,11)
  • Jeanne d’Arc Boulevard and Convent Glen LRT Station connectivity: Enhanced pedestrian and cyclist access to Jeanne d’Arc and Convent Glen LRT stations. Improvements were identified through the LRT 2020 connectivity review and are strongly supported by councillor and community. Includes project design and implementation. (Ward 1)
  • Transit secure bike parking – OC Transpo secure and covered bike parking at various stations (city wide)

Active transportation highway crossing: $22,000,000 project cost with $13,200,000 funding request

  • Trim Road pedestrian bridge – New pedestrian bridge across OR174, adjacent to Trim LRT station. Will allow pedestrians and cyclists from LRT station to access Petrie Island and new community to the north (Ward 1)

Active transportation intersection safety: $9,170,950 project cost with $5,502,570 funding request

  • O’Connor Street EBT unsignalized – Enhancements to the ped and cycling crossing of unsignalized cross streets to mitigate against motorist left-turn conflicts (Ward 14)
  • King Edward Avenue/St. Patrick Street – Intersection works to improve safety for westbound cyclists (Ward 12)
  • Bayview Station Road/Scott Street – Protected intersection at Bayview Station Road and Scott Street (Ward 15)
  • Carling Narrows and Beachburg Rail Corridor extension – Bridge removal, MUP surface improvement and Carling crossing at Burke (Wards 5, 7)
  • Elgin Street/Laurier Street – Protected intersection at Elgin Street and Laurier Street (Ward 14)

Current/future crosstown bikeway projects: $12,600,000 project cost with $7,560,000 funding request

  • O’Connor Street and Albert Street /Slater Street – O’Connor Street cycle tracks – Laurier Avenue to Queen Street and contributions towards AT improvements on Albert/Slater Streets – Bay Street to Waller Street (Ward 14)
  • MUP Brian Cobourn Boulevard (south side) – Mer Bleu Road to Gerry Lalonde Drive (Ward 19)
  • Walkley Road – cycling facility – Airport Parkway to Bank Street including a connection to the Sawmill Creek Pathway (Ward 16)
  • Smyth Road – Riverside to Alta Vista – Cycling facilities on Smyth Road from Alta Vista to Riverside Drive ramps; including cycling facilities along ramps and MUP connection to the Rideau River Eastern Pathway (Ward 18)

Cycling renewal projects: $2,370,000 project cost with $1,422,000 funding request

  • Donald B. Munro Drive – Cycling connection – Meadowridge Circle to March Road – renewal (Ward 5)
  • O’Connor Street – bike lanes (south of highway 417) – Glebe Avenue to Pretoria Street – renewal (Ward 17)
  • Glebe Avenue – cycling lanes – Bronson Avenue to Lyon Street South – renewal (Ward 17)
  • Beaufort Park – Major Pathway – Beaufort Drive to Katimavik Road – renewal (Ward 23)
  • Russell Boyd Park – Major Pathway – St. Bernard Street to Levadia Avenue – renewal (Ward 10)
  • Percy Street – Bike facility – Flora Street to Chamberlain Avenue – renewal (Wards 14, 17)
  • Hydro Corridor – Major pathway – Equestrian Drive to Bridgestone Drive – renewal (Ward 23)
  • Terry Fox Drive – Major pathway – Herzberg Road to March Valley Road – renewal (Wards 4, 7)

Pedestrian renewal projects: $7,400,000 project cost with $4,440,000 funding request

  • Montreal Road (south sidewalk) – Gatestone Private to Sinclair Street- renewal (Ward 11)
  • 22 McClellan Rd. – Connection to path on Ontario Hydro corridor, widen path, fair to poor condition (Ward 9)
  • Poulin Avenue (east sidewalk) – Richmond Road to 100 m. north of Richmond Road- renewal (Ward 7)
  • Arnot Road (east sidewalk) – Dynes Road to 130m north of Dynes Road – renewal (Ward 16)
  • Meadowbrook Road (west sidewalk) – Dondale Street to Bortolotti Crescent South – resurfacing (Ward 11)
  • Dumaurier Street (north sidewalk) – Pinecrest Road to 490 m. west of Pinecrest Road- renewal (Ward 7)
  • Richmond Road (both sidewalks) – Poulin Avenue to Croydon Street – renewal (Ward 7)
  • Ramsay Crescent (both sidewalks) – Dumaurier Street West to Dumaurier Street East – renewal (Ward 7)
  • Denbury Avenue (east sidewalk) – Dovercourt Avenue to Princeton Avenue – renewal (Ward 15)
  • Laperriere Avenue – Clyde Avenue to Kirkwood Avenue – renewal (Ward 16)
  • Bathgate Drive (both sidewalks) – Den Haag Drive to Gulf Place – resurfacing (Ward 13)
  • Cahill Drive (both sidewalks) – Albion Road South to Southport Drive – renewal (Ward 10)
  • Richmond Sidewalks (Pinecrest to Bayshore) – Pinecrest Road to Bayshore Road – renewal (Ward 7)
  • Kakulu PXO (Type B or C) – PXO across Kakulu Road at Shearer Park (Ward 23)
  • Long Island Sidewalk – Sidewalk from Bridge Street to Sunrise Avenue with possible bus stop enhancements (Ward 21)
  • Median Summitview and Stonehaven – 10 m. concrete curb on Stonehaven Drive at Summitview Drive (Ward 23)

Equity neighbourhood pedestrian projects: $7,380,000 project cost with $4,428,000 funding request

  • Gil-O-Julien Park – MUP – Pathway from Gil O Julien Park to Grant Toole Way (Ward 13)
  • Brant Street Sidewalk – Sidewalk along Brant Street from Donald Street to Spartan Avenue. Sidewalk along Eve Street and Rene Dore Way, from Allen Boulevard to Donald Street. (Ward 13)
  • Ste-Anne Avenue Sidewalk – Sidewalk along Ste-Anne Avenue between St. Denis Street and Montfort street. (Ward 12)
  • Gardenvale Road, Claude Street and Mutual Street Sidewalk – Sidewalk along Mutal Street, Claude Street and Gardenvale Road, between St-Laurent Boulevard and Cummings Avenue (Ward 13)
  • Kingston Avenue/ Trent Street / Emperor Avenue/ Chevrier Street – Sidewalk along Trent Street between Fisher Avenue and Chevrier Street, Sidewalk along Chevrier from Summerville to Hollington St. Pathway from Kingston Avenue at Hollington Street to Experimental Farm Pathway. Pathway between Kingston Street at Silver Street to Experimental Farm Pathway. Pathway off Carling at Parkdale Avenue to Experimental Farm (Ward 16)
  • Clover Street and Aldea Avenue – Sidewalk along Clover Street from Aldea Avenue from Brookfield Road E. sidewalk along Aldea Avenue from Clover Street to Gilles Street. Sidewalk along Gilles Street from Heron Road to Apolydor Avenue. Sidewalk along Apolydor Avenue from Gilles to Lasalle Street. Sidewalk along Lasalle Street from Aldea Aveue to Apolydor Avenue (Ward 17)
  • Sheffield Glen Park and Tupper Avenue – Hawthorne Park pathway to Russell Road Pathway from Russell Road to existing path in Sheffield Glen Park. Crossing of Southvale Crescent at Sheffield Glen Park (Ward 18) Clarenda Street, Pinewood Crescent, Harwood Avenue Sidewalks – Sidewalk along Clarenda Street from Alpine Avenue to Pinewood Crescent. Sidewalk from Pinewood MUP to Hardwood Avenue and out to Pinecrest Avenue. Sidewalk
  • and pathway along Stuart Kettle Street from Maplewood Avenue to Alpine Avenue. Accessible connection from Clarenda Street to Frank Ryan Park (Ward 7)
  • Southwood Drive and Ryan Drive Sidewalk – Sidewalk along Southwood Drive between Baseline Road and Iris Street. Sidewalk along Ryan Drive from Southwood Drive to end of Ryan Drive (Ward 7)

Transit connectivity in equity neighbourhoods: $5,400,000 project cost with $3,240,000 funding request

  • Johnston Road cycling improvements – Cycling crossing of Bank Street and separated cycling facilities on Johnston Road from Bank Street to Southgate Road. Bike lanes from Southgate to Conroy. Scope may include parking removal (Ward 10)
  • Richmond Road – Bayshore to Pinecrest (Ph1) – Cycling facilities on Richmond Road from Bayshore Drive to Pinecrest Road (in co-ordination with planned road resurfacing and sidewalk renewal) (Ward 7)

Suburban breakthrough projects: $14,600,000 project cost with $8,760,000 funding request

  • Orleans Boulevard – Cycling facility – Separated or buffered cycling facilities on Orleans Boulevard from the Ottawa River Pathway to Fortune and from Lumberman to Boyer with a controlled crossing at Boyer. Scope may include lane removal. Additional improvements on Orleans Boulevard from Boyer to Innes will be considered if funding allows (Wards 1, 2)
  • Moodie Drive LRT MUP to Bell’s Corners – MUP along west side of Moodie, from Moodie LRT Station to Bell’s Corners. Was identified through the LRT 2020 connectivity review and strongly supported by councillor and community. Includes project design and implementation (Wards 7, 8)

Lansdowne AT improvements: $2,265,000 project cost with $1,359,000 funding request

  • Lansdowne active transportation improvements – Improvements to facilitate cycling and pedestrian access to the Lansdowne Park lands from all directions (Ward 17)

Green and Inclusive Buildings program

In addition to these projects Ottawa is seeking a federal grant under the Green and Inclusive Buildings (GICB) program of $630,000, which will cover 80 per cent of the costs to enhance the Hintonburg Community Centre, “to make it the city’s first deep retrofited and zero-on site building.”

As well, the city plans to seek funding for programs designed to manage wastewater and stormwter, she wrote.


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