MSGI: Custom-designed security and access control services


Ottawa Construction News special feature

Marcomm Systems Group (MSGI) provides condo, government and commercial building owners a comprehensive package of custom-designed security and access control solutions, which are most effective if they are built into the original building design.

Michael Elkin, the company’s security sales and marketing manager, said most of the company’s work in the past several decades has been with government and institutional contracts. However, recently, he set out to make inroads in the private sector, especially in working with high rise condo developers

He said wireless keyless entry systems are much less expensive to install and maintain than the wired alternative.  “If I was to electrify a door, I am looking at $3,000 to $5,000 per door – while a battery-operated wireless system would be about $1,500 a door.”

These systems allow building owners and tenants secure access to common areas and their apartments.  If someone loses or damages their “key,” they can obtain a replacement quickly from the building concierge.  The wireless unit’s batteries use so little power they should last upwards of five years before the batteries must be changed, he said.

The wireless entry system, of course, is only part of the security management process.  Marcomm will devise the complete package of services including security cameras, parking access and control and electronic entertainment and communications services.

“We have a team dedicated to each client,” he said. “If a general contractor or developer wants an unprecedented relationship with a security/access systems company, they come to us.”

“We have tailored security solutions,” he said.  “We want to tailor the services to the client to the best of their needs.”

            For more information, call Mike Elkin at (613) 226-8866 ext 243, cellular (613) 791-1546, or email


29 Antares Dr. Ottawa, Ontario, K2E 7V2



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