Labor Tek: Celebrating 25 years of business with thanks to loyal clients and work force


By Donald Tardif

Ottawa Construction News special feature

Twenty-five years ago, while I was trying to earn a decent living at an economically depressed time, I had a new vision for the National Capital Region’s work force. I sensed a need to be a competitive and committed industry supplier, focusing on quality rather than quantity.

So I embarked on the new business journey in 1993.

In the beginning, I focused mainly on the blue collar ICI community, expanding later in the decade into professional fields for both the private sector and government.  It was amazing to have the availability to work with and help everyone.

Labor Tek sought (and continues to seek) to give employees/candidates a chance to prove themselves. We wanted to offer the work force the opportunity to continue growing in skills and work ethic.

Today, we offer many programs to achieve these goals, offering clients opportunities to meet their temporary and long-term, permanent staffing needs, while complying with human resources regulatory requirements.

Meanwhile, many recruits starting out with us find a vital foot in the door.

Our small business has listened to the work force and clients’ needs for the past quarter century. We believe in offering open ears in difficult labor markets and always aim to innovate to create lasting solutions for employees/candidates and employer clients.

In 2003, with labor market changes and heightened safety responsibilities for both workers and employees, we started Labor Tek Safety Training, initially to support our employees and clients.

The safety training business has grown in its own right and now offers training and consulting to candidates, employees and candidates throughout the local construction industry as well as other private sector and government clients.

The industry’s mentality about safety training has changed. Clients and workers now see it as an investment rather than a burden. I’m thankful for the commitment, engagement and integrity of our professional team in making the workplace safer.

Thank you to our committed past, present and future workers, staff and clients for believing in our vision during these years. Labor Tek’s success would not have been possible without your support, loyalty and commitment. You have helped  build and contribute to our success.

It’s great to say: “We’re 25 years and growing strong.”

I look forward to many more years of developing and sustaining strong business relationships with this community, with a proud Canadian business working toward greater safety and a strong, committed work force.

Donald Tardif is  Labor Tek’s owner/founder.


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