GPS TO GO: Tracking and controlling system saves labour and fleet operations costs


Ottawa Construction News special feature

GPS TO GO offers a unique service to help business owners gain control of their fleets and manage staff hours and client billing. Additional offerings support business operations and offer custom solutions to meet individual goals and needs.

The company has worked since 2006 with many Ottawa Construction Association members, and has served clients ranging from plumbing and HVAC contractors to 1-800-GOT-JUNK. “Our service is ideal for any company that has trucks, vans or service personnel on the road,” said founder and company owner Russ Salo.

GPS TO GO helps businesses in managing labour and fleet operations costs, Salo said. “In combination if these two aspects of a business are not well managed, companies can lose on their bottom line through overtime, lost productivity, fuel costs and wasted trips.”


Salo says the number one reason clients come to him comes down to knowing where staff is – when they started, when they finished, and where the day’s activities have taken them. Through both real-time and unlimited historical reporting, business owners can know when staff arrived at a site, when they left and anywhere they went in between.

“These features alone can help resolve billing disputes between an owner and an employee who is paid by the hour and ensures credibility for staff when clients may question hours claimed,” says Salo.

He says the system also takes the burden off staff to prove their hours and effort.

Real-time reporting can also note speeding, aggressive driving and idling time and internal beepers can be set to notify drivers of issues.

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GPS TO GO also provides maintenance reminders and supports IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) reporting for out-of-province reporting. The system can provide accident reconstruction details and offer tools including two-way dispatching and texting.

Salo says GPS TO GO offers unique features that make it ideal for the construction industry. “Our product is a plug-and-play device so there is no downtime required for installation and it is easy to move between vehicles. There are no activation fees or worries about overages and there is no contract.”


Salo also offers a seasonal suspend option which he says is ideal for companies who may reduce their fleet or shut-down altogether during off-seasons.

Third party options offer custom solutions including the ability to lock out cell phones for safer driving, forward collision avoidance cameras, temperature monitoring, weigh scale options and tablets to manage work orders.

“Our product is made in Ontario, our web hosting and data is based in Ontario and we’re proud of that.”

Salo says most of his customers are able to realize a 15:1 or 20:1 return on their investments through the use of GPS TO GO.

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