Algonquin College opens new Construction Research Centre

algonquin construction research centre

Algonquin College announced that it officially opened its Construction Research Centre, which offers a significant learning opportunity for students in a wide variety of construction and design programs.

The Construction Research Centre facility contains approximately $2.8 million worth of cutting edge research equipment and software to support applied research in ACCE and Media and Design programs. The equipment and software will largely be used by students in construction and media and design programs.

The centre was established through funding from Canada Foundation for Innovation, the Ontario Research Fund, and contributions from private industry. The centre provides local industry with access to cutting edge equipment that will help them solve everyday challenges.

The facility includes a professional 3D laser scanner used to create 3D digital models of structures; a HoloStation, an immersive environment to visualize 3D models using 3D glasses and a hand-held remote; a sophisticated 3D printer that can produce parts with a high degree of accuracy; powerful infra-red cameras that can take video of thermal images and measure traffic flows to buildings; and a lab outfitted with powerful Mac and PC workstation computers.

See AC blog posting.


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